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Dual Purpose Chase Bar (AMBER/WHITE)

$ 299.99 USD

Housing Shape


***PLEASE NOTE; Custom Wiring Harness and wireless controller is included with each LightBar. 

ANTI-Theft Hardware Included 

Our Dual output Chase lights feature a industry first design with High Intensity White and High Intensity Amber LEDs. The INCLUDED wiring harness allows for easy cycling through the following settings,

  • Full power WHITE output 
  • Strobe WHITE output 
  • Full power AMBER output
  • Strobe AMBER output 

Each bar is built with 4 Rows of LEDs dedicated to FULL SPOT BEAM, we have incorporated our new Scene Light optics on the end of each bar to deliver the best Flood Beam pattern in the industry. This Bar features great forward projection with the added benefit of being able to be used as a high performance chase light when rear facing. Using high intensity Amber and White LEDs allows our Lightbars to maintain full performance capability in both color ranges. Provided wiring harness allows for four different outputs, custom diffuser lens maximizes distance while improving beam for optimum chase light use. FCKLightBars Lifetime Warranty comes standard. 

Amber LEDs greatly improve visibility in Fog or Dust at a push of a button!


 Lens Type:  Reflector / Projector (Improved Projection)

LED Technology: AMBER/WHITE  LED Chips

Color Temperature: 6500K

Beam Pattern: Combo Diffuser  
 Electronics: Integrated-Epoxy Encapsulated
Housing Material: Die-cast Aluminum Housing
Lens Material: PMMA(Polycarbonate)
Mounting Bracket: Stainless Steel
(Mounting Hardware Included)
Operating Temperature: -40˚C to +60˚C
IP Rating: IP68 
Protections: Reverse Polarity
Engineered and Assembled in 
the USA.