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What’s the difference between the Standard, 3D, 4D, and C4 Series

  • The Standard Series of lighting, which includes the [S1-Series, R1-Series] are the industry standard for performance. These items are all built using the best 3-Watt CREE LEDs & components on the market. Our CREE LEDs outperform the competition in clarity, quality, and output. The Standard series of lighting is based off of the reflector optic. This optic allows for best in class light projection and efficiency while remaining at a competitive price point for an introductory light bar.


  • The 3D Series of lighting, which includes the [S2-Series, R2- Series, Super Slim Series] is built off of the standard series platform. We utilize the same 3-Watt CREE LEDs & components to provide the same level of dependability. The 3D series sets itself apart with the use of individual projector optics over each LED. The use of this optic improves overall efficiency and distance. The Projector optics allow for better beam trajectory and overall performance.


  • The 4D Series of lighting, which includes the [S3-Series, R3-Series] is built with performance in mind. The 4D Series is redesigned using   5-Watt OSRAM LEDs & components, effectively setting the standard for high performance lighting. This series not only has larger LEDs, but also contains some of the best optics in the industry to date. The 4D Optic is naturally a very aggressive spot beam. The combination of OSRAM LEDs and 4D Optics make for incredible distance and beam pattern. The 4D Series is easily one of the brightest light bars on the market today.


  • The C4 Series was designed from the ground up for competition use; we soon released this bar to the public as our C4 Line. The C4-Series is built using a heavier housing with thicker sidewall construction for overall better impact resistance. This bar utilizes 7-Watt PHILIPS LEDs & components. We paired these high output LEDs with our 4D optics achieving the best output to date from any light bar on the market. The C4-Series was designed with a modular optic design; as conditions change so can the optics from spot to flood. The C4-series allows for the user to change the optics depending on their needs. The C4-Series is currently the best performing light bar to date.