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Shaun Barrett [Charge Back Resolution]

$ 125.00 USD

This charge is to resolve the Chargebacks opened by Shaun Barrett, on payments made under our FCKLightbars Payment plan. The order will be shipped once full payment is made for the entire order for the amount $509.99 as the agreed upon. Items were held from shipment due to chargebacks opened on the payments made for this order. 

Order #'s 

#3656     Payment Date: March 8th      Amount: $175.00

#3639      Payment Date: March 1st     Amount: $75.00

#3566     Payment Date: Jan  17th      Amount: $50.00

#3537     Payment Date: Jan  2nd       Amount: $169.91

#3503     Payment Date: Dec 20th     Amount: $30.00

Chargeback Fees 

These orders were all payments made under approved payment program. 

Total due: $509.99

Payment #1 April 12th  Amount: $125.00

Remaining Balance: $377.99