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David [ Chargeback Resolution ]

$ 550.00 USD

This payment is the resolution for chargeback on Order #2196  that was placed on January 30th for the amount of $719.96 for the item listed below. 

S3-4D [40 Inch] "Philips" Combo Beam QTY:1  [SHIPPED]

C4-SR [25 Inch] Flood Beam  QTY: 1   ****NOT SHIPPED***

C4-SR [15 Inch] Flood Beam  QTY: 2  [SHIPPED]

Double Connection Harness QTY: 1   [SHIPPED]

Single Connection Harness QTY: 2    [SHIPPED]

The Payment is the resolution for the chargeback, we have come to an agreement that the items that have been shipped and Received reflected above will be payed for. The only item that was not shipped due to manufacturing delays was canceled and there fore will be reflected in the amount payed. The original invoice amount was $719.96 after communication via phone both parties have agreed to an amount of $550.00 for the items that were received and are being kept. By accepting these charges both parties acknowledge that the items listed above that were shipped have been received and will be kept by the customer, the amount of $550.00 will be payed for these items. FCKLightbars will honor the LIFETIME WARRANTY On all items listed above, this chargeback has been resolved between both parties. By Paying for this you agree to the terms listed above.